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Terms of the partnership program webasm

Getting started with our partnership program (PP), You automatically agree to all terms and conditions of our PP.


We work almost with any download traffic according to our PP’s subjects.p>

We do NOT accept traffic from resources that contain:

  • Pornography;
  • Incitements to violence;
  • Foments international enmity;
  • Offense against the Russian law;

Not allowed:

  • Spam and its any form;
  • Forcing users to download our software by deception;
  • Generate traffic with the help of malware;

Besides, it is also strictly prohibited to bundle something with us (for example to give subscribers a link for promo of another partnership program instead of the reference of the content)

  • Artificially to increase the amount of installations, as we can distinguish the real and the fake ones;
  • Becoming a “self-Me” referral;
  • Modification of distribution files and program files;
  • Combination of our PP with pay archive (To code in our link another url which leads to pay – archive) ;
  • Combination of our PP with Antispyware-affiliate program;
  • Distribute through us keys generators for the payed software;
  • Drawing up the links to nonexistent files;

Violation of even one of these items leads to a ban without payment!

Fees and Payments

We pay 5 rubles for the unique bundle installation. The price for the installation is dynamic and it depends on the specific installed bundle of advertiser. You get 10% of the referral’s earnings if you attracted the last one.

Payments are weekly, on every Wednesday. The minimum payout is 500 rubles.

Referral program

You may recommend our PP to another webmasters using your ref link. For the involved partners we pay 10 % of their earning.

It is prohibited while working with the referral program:

  • To open the second account and to become “self-Me” referral
  • To spam the referral link
  • To involve webmasters by deceit

In case of interruption of the rules or / and harming the reputation of Tikno products, we reserve the right to block your webmaster’s account with no fees and payments.